If you’re getting married soon you may well be asking yourself: why hire a wedding videographer? Is a wedding video just an unnecessary expense or is it something that all couples shouldn’t go without? I’m going to give you the top 5 reason why I think you should definitely hire a wedding videographer for your special day.

1. Life’s for sharing.

We live in an age of social media, where you can easily connect with friends and family across the world in a click of a button. Photographs are fantastic and a wedding video will never replace them. But video is special, there’s nothing quite like watching it all back; the laughter from the speeches, the walk up the aisle, your Dad absolutely smashed on the dance floor thinking that he definitely still has it. Simply put, a wedding video transports you back to the day or it makes it feel like you were there. So if Auntie Sally couldn’t make the trip from Australia it couldn’t be easier to upload your film to YouTube and hey presto, she can feel like she was there.

2. Wedding videos make you look freaking awesome.

Now, I don’t know about you but I’ve often had the ‘who would play you in the movie of your life’ conversation with friends (for the record it’d be Robert Downey Jr.). The thing about a wedding video is that you get to be the star. Yep, that’s right you’ll be the A Lister in the a film quite literally about your life. In my wedding films I ensure that I get to know the couple so when you watch your final film it’ll be like you’ve written and directed a piece of your history. Plus, it’s always nice to look back and feel smug about how good you looked in your dress.

3. You’re going to be crazy busy having the times of your lives.

This might be a bit of an obvious thing to say but your wedding day is going to be crammed pack with fun, love and laughter. I’ve worked on numerous productions from massive film & television sets to corporate video shoots for big brands, but without a doubt it’s when I’m filming weddings that I’m the most rushed off my feet. Why? Because there’s simply so much happening. Brides and grooms alike often say that they can’t believe how quickly their day went by so chances are you might miss some moments. Those moments are what keep wedding videographers so busy. What was your other half doing when you were getting ready? How did you guests react when they saw your venue for the first time? A wedding videographer will be capturing these moments for you so that you can truly appreciate how awesome your day was.

4. Blackmail your friends and family for life.

Most of the time your guests are a bit shy around the camera at the start of the day and will do everything they can to avoid being in shot. The thing about weddings though is that generally there is a lot of alcohol doing the rounds. By the second Pimms the inhibitions have been well and truly shed and the camera is very much their friend. This normally causes for some great, if not slightly embarrassing footage. I make sure that I only select the shots that help tell the story of your day but that’s not to say that video of the Best Man insisting that he must be filmed break dancing with a tie around his head couldn’t make it’s way into a bloopers reel…

5. It goes by so fast.

The number one thing we hear from couples, is that their day flies past in the blink of an eye. You invest so much time in careful planing, anticipating, shopping – all to make your day special and completely unique to you as a couple, and then – it’s all over! To get the chance to relive all of this time and time again is something you’ll never regret.

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